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Solebon 1.5

Solebon 1.5

Solebon Publisher's Description

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Pro-level solitaire for Palm handhelds

Are you a serious solitaire player? Do you know dozens of variations?Do you love playing with a real deck of cards, but need a professional software solution when you're mobile? Then Solebon was made for you. Read on to find out why Solebon is the preferred Palm handheld solitaire for gurus worldwide.

Play without squinting

Here's something we all know – the Palm screen is small. If you've tried otherPalm solitaire software then you've probably done some squinting.Solebon's professional design is easy to read on the small screen.No tiny cards, no distracting backgrounds, no games with huge layouts. Just a pleasant, squintless experience on a 2-inch screen.50 kinds of solitaire games

Experts already know many types of solitaire games, or are willing to learn them.Solebon's 50 solitaire games are a mix of the familiar and the exotic,representing nearly every solitaire family. If you don't know a game, the rulesare right in the software to help you master it. Even after you've mastered a game,you'll never play the same deal twice – Solebon can deal trillions of possible openings.Simple controls

When you're playing a game you don't want to think about how the software works. Solebon makes playing simple. Move cards the way you want – tap or drag, Solebon's interface will respond. Use the toolbar for quick commands. Call up game rules with a single tap. Use Solebon's three types of auto play to get the amount of automation you prefer. And forget about mistakes – you can undo every move all the way back to the start.

Measure your skill with statistics tracking

Every solitaire connoisseur knows that in solitaire you can't win them all. With Solebon, you can see how well you're losing! Solebon tracks and stores 15 statistics for every game, including wins/losses, play time, and Vegas scoring. In total, 765 individual statistics help you measure your solitaire expertise.Cheat when necessary

Every solitaire connoisseur also knows that even though you can't win them all, you can increase your percentage considerably – by cheating. Solebon includes a cheat for every game. Just activate it when you get stuck. Cheats are tracked in the statistics, but at least you won.

Our experience

Smallware has been making quality solitaire software since 1997. Solebon is the product of years of experience and feedback from many satisfied players.

Buy Solebon

If you're a serious solitaire player, buy Solebon today and get all 50 games for only $24.99. We think you'll love it. In fact, we guarantee it!

I hope you enjoy your Smallware solitaire experience.

Have fun!

Tom Cain, owner
Lots of Features
  • 50 solitaire games
  • Easy-to-see play area
  • Shortcut toolbar
  • Unlimited undo
  • Card autoplay
  • Game statistics
  • Game timer
  • Scoring system
  • Game cheats
  • In-game rules & help
  • Reversible layout
  • Tap or drag card movement
  • Choice of card backs
  • Normal or bold card numerals
  • Background color mixer
  • High-resolution screen support
  • 320x480 screen support
  • Color & grayscale support
  • 30-day guarantee
Solebon on low-resolution device.See high-resolution device image.
50 Solitaire GamesAces Up
Baker's Game
Beleaguered Castle
Black Hole
Busy Aces
Double Canfield
Dutch Solitaire
East Haven
Eight Off
Four Seasons
Fourteen Out
Free Cell
German Patience
Klondike Deal 1
Klondike Deal 3
Lady of the Manor
Little Napoleon
Miss Milligan
Old Carlton
Red and Black
Rows of Four
Seven Devils
Sir Tommy
Spider Web
Will O' Wisp
Copyright © 2005 Smallware LLC. All rights reserved. Solebon and Sol Free are trademarks of Smallware LLC.

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